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The Hospitality Risk Consultants Advantage

HRC's pinpoint focus on the hospitality industry, particularly with alcohol and food service providers, is an important advantage for customers looking to secure the coverage they need. 

Our specialized hospitality insurance programs for bars, taverns, nightclubs, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, and other similar enterprises will ensure your business is properly protected for a price you can afford. With the HRC added benefit, you can expect: 

  • Regular email updates with the latest industry updates and trends
  • Special discounts for PA Tavern Association members
  • Discounted RAMP and TIP training opportunities
  • Information on published equipment sales
  • Annual policy review and quotes (as requested)

    Protect Your Future

    Commercial hospitality insurance programs are not one-size-fits-all. Our specialized agents understand the unique risks faced by bars, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. Partner with us to safeguard your business and have peace of mind. 

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    We have been working with HRC on all of our Taverns insurance and have been so pleased that we decided to move our business to them. They have been able to provide multiple proposals for us and take the time to walk us through and explain the coverages we do have.

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