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The advantage of Hospitality Risk Consultants

With HRC you can expect that you will receive individualized programs and coverages to suit your needs, but you will also be part of the HRC ADDED BENEFIT, including:

  • Regular email blasts with both legal and HR bullet points
  • Discount opportunities for PA Tavern Association members
  • Discount RAMP and TIP opportunities
  • Frequently Published Equipment Sales
  • What to do if? Blogs sent out
  • Access to our library of forms for HR
  • Inspection Services
  • Annual policy review and quotes provided with various companies (If desired)


In today’s ever changing environment more so than ever in the past, the hospitality business insurance programs do not fit into a cookie cutter box. Connect with us today to find your solution.


We have been working with HRC on all of our Taverns insurance and have been so pleased that we decided to move our business to them. They have been able to provide multiple proposals for us and take the time to walk us through and explain the coverages we do have.

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